For Patient

A patient may find the services of a health attorney invaluable especially when they are too ill and can’t make health care decision on their own. A legal health lawyer is a person with automatic authority to act on a patient’s behalf when it comes to making health decisions when they are unable to make these decisions by themselve due to poor health or physical disability.

A legal health attorney will only exercise their right to make health care decisions on one’s behalf when they are incapable of making them or they are too sick to act upon them. For instance, when one is unconscious in hospital, permission may be required for them to go through an operation procedure or receive some kind of medical treatment. In another case, one may be unable to make their own health care decisions when they have suffered brain injury, dementia or have an intellectual disability. This is why a person may need the help of a health attorney who will make these decisions on their behalf.

If a person wants to give the authority of making health decision to a health attorney then you need to fill out the form below. We can assure a patient that we will make sound decision about their health when they are not in the position to make them themselves. (Kindly ensure that you put the correct details so that we can help you legally whenever you need our help)

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